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MP welcomes ‘common sense’ re-think of bike race route

30th June 2017

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed news that organisers of a Birmingham bike race are proposing a major route re-think to avoid late summer traffic chaos.

The Velo Birmingham bike event is planned to take place on Sunday, September 24 and was expected to require road closures over more than 80 miles of Worcestershire roads.

The MP joined local councillors, business and farming representatives to meet with London race organisers CSM to discuss the impact of the race route on local people.

Harriett has been contacted by local residents and businesses who have expressed concern about the lack of consultation over the proposed route which will see people locked in their homes and pubs, shops and other business unable to operate for the whole day.

Harriett commented: “Many constituents have expressed their concerns to me about this event, and having met with the race organisers, I was eager to put their case face to face.

“We have had farmers worried about their ability to harvest, businesses who would be forced to shut for the whole day and even people who wanted to have family parties who would be trapped in their homes for up to 12 hours.

“I am glad that the organsisers have listened to local people's serious reservations and I think that they are taking a 'common-sense' approach to this problem by re-thinking the route.

“I will be studying the new route carefully and hope that the organisers will carry out a detailed communications programme to properly consult with anyone who may still be impacted by this new race route.

“While we welcome people visiting our beautiful countryside, this must not be at the cost of local businesses and local people and any such event should bring benefits to the region, not problems.

“I am grateful for the on-going work of Worcestershire County Council to try and resolve this issue and look forward to hearing their formal recommendations once a final route is confirmed.”

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