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Harriett expresses ‘sadness’ over Theresa May departure

24th May 2019

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin expressed her sadness following the announcement that Prime Minister Theresa May will be stepping down as leader of the Conservative party next month.>

Harriett, who has voted for the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement on every time it was tabled in a Commons vote added that ‘no one could have worked harder’ to deliver on the result of the referendum.

Harriett commented: “I am sad to see Theresa May stepping down as leader of the party. No one could have worked harder to deliver the result of the referendum and leave the European Union in a smooth and orderly way.

“It is a continued frustration that Parliament has not been able to come together to support the Withdrawal Agreement.

“As leaving without a deal is the default in legislation, a grumpy toddler with a blindfold on could achieve this outcome.

“To leave with a deal that secures the rights of British citizens in the EU, ensures Gibraltar and the Cyprus Sovereign base areas aren’t disrupted, delivers a frictionless Northern Irish border, secures the Union and means goods, foods and medicines can continue to trade freely will require a leader with consummate political skill. That is what I will be looking for in the leadership contest.”

Harriett says...

Harriett Baldwin
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