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MP urges shoppers to look local for new asparagus

24th April 2019

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has today urged shoppers to visit farm shops and local growers to buy the crop of new asparagus now available across the county.

St George’s Day, yesterday, marked the start of the asparagus season and events have been taking place both in Worcestershire and London to promote the new crop.

And Harriett urged shoppers to buy from local suppliers following reports that major retailers are using stocks from as far away as Peru.

Harriett commented: “The start of the asparagus season is a great moment and I look forward, each year, to picking up newly cropped spears at a farmers’ shop.

“I was disturbed to hear reports that one major retailer is currently stocking asparagus grown in Peru and it seems madness that they aren’t sourcing their products locally as we hit peak growing season for our world-famous produce.

“Although major retailers often have complex reasons for not being able to sell our own local produce, I would encourage shoppers to make their point by buying from local small traders who source their produce in the county.

“I’m really proud of our local produce and I know that some larger retailers do try to stock items like beers, ciders, fruit juices or chutneys from local providers but fresh fruit and veg doesn’t seem to end up on our supermarket shelves.

“The simplest solution is to buy your fresh produce from a local provider and get the freshest, finest ingredients the county has to offer.”

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