West Worcestershire covers the south and west of Worcestershire. It does not include Worcester. It is largely rural and is sparsely populated compared to Worcester and much of the north of the county.

The largest town in the constituency is Malvern. Other towns include Upton-upon-Severn and Pershore.


The constituency was first created in 1832 in the Reform Act. It was created by the division of the old constituency of Worcestershire (which had existed since 1660) into Worcestershire West and Worcestershire East.

The seat then existed, basically unchanged until 1885. In that year it was abolished and the constituency was variously incorporated into the seats of Bewdley, Droitwich, Evesham, Worcestershire East and Worcestershire North.

Throughout the period 1832-1885 it was a two member constituency. It was then re-formed in 1997 and was represented by Sir Michael Spicer until his retirement in 2010. At the general election in 2010 the seat was won by Harriett Baldwin.

Members of Parliament

1832-1853 Henry Lygon, later 4th Earl of Beauchamp

1832-1833 Thomas Foley, later 4th Baron Foley

1833-1841 Henry Winnington

1841-1885 Frederick Knight

1853-1863 Henry Lygon, later 5th Earl Beauchamp

1863-1866 Frederick Lygon, later 6th Earl Beauchamp

1866-1876 William Edward Dowdeswell

1876-1885 Sir Edmund Lechmere

1997-2010 Sir Michael Spicer

2010- Harriett Baldwin