Access to Cash

Thank you for contacting me about cash availability and acceptance.

I agree with you that the closure of banks and cash machines have negative consequences. I know that this is a particularly challenging issue in West Worcestershire, where cash machines are already few and far between.

I wrote to the Payment Systems Regulator about the challenges people face when they do not have access to cash. I have deep concerns for constituents without access to a car or online banking as the closure of an ATM may cause them to become isolated.

Cash and access to it is still a vital part of the economy for so many people. This was clear when I campaigned to prevent the closure of Lloyds Bank in Upton-upon Severn. Local people stressed to me how important it was to preserve the cashpoint machine. I then worked closely with Lloyds to come up with a plan for keeping the machine in operation.

The Government intends to support the continued use of cash in people’s daily lives and help to enable local businesses to continue accepting cash by ensuring they can access deposit facilities.

I welcome the Government's ambition to further legislate for the protection of access to cash in due course. I will continue to raise the concerns of my constituents to my Ministerial colleagues.

Thank you for contacting me.