Thank you for contacting me about the situation in Afghanistan.

Like many people, I have been troubled by news emerging from Afghanistan and I share your concerns about the current events. Our absolute focus must be on ensuring UK citizens are able to return home safely and the Ministry of Defence has deployed resources to the country to ensure a safe passage for those citizens who need it. If there is a specific individual you wish me to help, please send me the details so that I can contact our Ambassador in Kabul, on their behalf.

As someone who has spoken up for women’s and girls’ education across the world, I am saddened by these developments and I hope that the gains we have made over the last two decades are not lost. I also fear for the democratic process in Afghanistan and the men and women who stand as parliamentarians.

Parliament has now aired a range of views on this matter, and I am receiving detailed briefings on the Government’s response from the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office and the Home Office. I support the announcement confirming that we have established a resettlement scheme for the most vulnerable Afghan citizens.

I also support calls to NATO and the UN Security Council to use every diplomatic lever at our disposal and I hope that within our presidency of G7, the leaders will come together to consider a co-ordinated response.

No one wants the country to again become a breeding ground for terrorism and it is essential that the international community works together to address the humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan.

Thank you for sharing your views on this important matter.