Animal Welfare

Thank you for contacting me about the Government’s Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

My Ministerial colleagues and I share your high regard for animal welfare, and I am glad that the Government has set out a series of ambition reforms as outlined in the Action Plan for Animal Welfare. I am also encouraged that since 2010, the Department has achieved many changes regarding improving animal welfare.

Further, I welcome that the Government’s Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill will bring in some of the world’s strongest protections for pets, livestock and kept wild animals. The Bill recently passed Committee stage in the House of Commons and I look forward to supporting this Bill as it continues to progress through Parliament.

Finally, I am encouraged that the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act will formally recognise animals as sentient beings in domestic law and ensure that animal sentience is taken into account when developing policy across Government through the creation of an Animal Sentience Committee, which will be made up of animal experts from within the field.

I can assure you that the Department is committed to ensuring that these proposals are delivered to ensure that animals both in this country and overseas have the best possible welfare.

Thank you for contacting me.