Thank you for contacting me about Brexit. As you will appreciate, I am currently receiving a high level of correspondence on this important matter and although I do take time to read the letters, emails and social media posts, it is currently impractical to respond to every different viewpoint individually.

My position remains that I respect the result of the referendum, endorsed in the 2017 General Election, and support the work of the Prime Minister Theresa May as she negotiates the terms of withdrawing from the European Union.

Some of you want a second referendum, some want Brexit stopped, some want a no-deal Brexit and some of you think a General Election would be helpful at this time. Many of you are supportive of the Prime Minister and her deal. I think I can safely say that I'm not going to be able to please all of you.

I feel it is important that, as we press on with the process of leaving the European Union, we provide certainty for local people and local businesses, and secure a strong partnership with our European neighbours as well other countries across the globe. I don't support a 'No Deal' scenario and I do not support a second referendum.

The Withdrawal Agreement and the political statement on a future economic partnership deliver on the result of the referendum, but do so in an orderly, phased way to minimise disruption to people, farmers and businesses and thus this approach has my full support.

A Withdrawal Agreement under Article 50 is the only legal way to move from a hybrid legal system to a UK-only legal system. This gives certainty to British citizens living in EU countries, and to all the contracts written between businesses here and in the EU. It is also a way to clarify the outstanding financial obligations we incurred during our membership. An implementation period allows us time to negotiate free trade agreements with the EU and around the world. To leave without legal certainty for real lives and people’s livelihoods would be deeply irresponsible and contrary to the UK’s values as an upholder of the rules-based international order. Those who voted to reject this withdrawal agreement need to now say what they would agree to and the Government stands ready to listen.

Thank you for contacting me on this important matter.

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