Covid Status Verification

Thank you for contacting me about COVID status certification.

I am incredibly proud of the progress that the UK has made, first developing a vaccine and now rolling out a vaccination programme at pace. Locally over half of West Worcestershire residents have been offered their first dose of the vaccine and some have started receiving their second jab.

Vaccinations should never be compulsory but I am delighted to see how eager everyone has been to take up their vaccine appointment. The best thing we can all do to end this crisis is to accept the invitation to be vaccinated when it comes.

COVID status certificates are likely to be required by countries overseas. I don’t favour their use domestically as this would raise complex ethical and discriminatory issues that would need to be worked through. This is something I know the Government is conscious of, and I welcome the fact that it is considering these issues fully as part of the review.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.