Fire Safety Act

Thank you for contacting me about the Fire Safety Act.

The fire at Grenfell was a tragedy and we owe it to the victims to make sure it never happens again. I fully realise that people are eager to see changes to fire safety legislation – as am I – and for these reforms to happen quickly.

I have followed the important legislation closely and was aware of amendments to the Bill prohibiting the passing of remediation costs on to leaseholders and tenants. I support the intention of an amendment to protect leaseholders but I do not support the amendment itself.

This Act is not the correct place for remediation costs to be addressed. The Government has made a statement on remediation costs which you can read here. In addition, work is currently underway with leaseholders and the financial sector to identify financing solutions that protect leaseholders from unaffordable costs while ensuring that the cost does not fall entirely on taxpayers.

I am glad that the Act, is paving the way for more accountability from building owners and enforcement from fire and rescue authorities to hold irresponsible owners to account.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.