Furnished Holiday Lettings

Thank you for contacting me about furnished holiday lettings.

This visitor economy is extremely important across West Worcestershire and I regularly meet with local organisations to identify ways to improve the awareness of our beautiful rural countryside as well as helping local businesses to create jobs and wealth.

I also chaired an evidence session with the Chancellor at the Treasury Committee and he was asked questions about this change.  You may wish to read his evidence in Hansard.

I have supported the measure introduced in the Budget to change the tax treatment of Furnished Holiday Lettings, which will eliminate the tax advantage for landlords who let short-term furnished holiday properties over those who let residential properties to longer-term tenants. This follows representations from communities where a very large number of homes have been converted to holiday lets.

This does not stop people conducting short term lets, but rather ensures that the system is equal for those letting long term or short term. I understand your disappointment at this decision, however, it will level the playing field between short- term and long-term lets and support people to live in their local area.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.