Metropolitan Police Investigations

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Metropolitan Police’s ongoing investigation into activities in Downing Street and its decision to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to many who worked there, including the Prime Minister and the Chancellor.

The pandemic has been such a difficult time for the whole country, and I appreciate that so many of my constituents made huge sacrifices to follow the rules, missing birthdays, marriages, deaths and funerals. My thoughts remain with every person who lost a loved one or a friend.

Naturally I am shocked and disappointed to learn about the Fixed Penalty Notices. The Prime Minister has apologised and has made some major changes to his team since these events took place.

There is an ongoing police investigation and there will be a further publication of the Sue Gray report and a formal enquiry process. I hope that any future Government will refrain from putting in place rules which are so difficult for themselves and for us all to follow.

At this point in time, I do not intend to write a letter to Sir Graham Brady MP, as I believe the Government is showing strong and unified leadership over Ukraine, and world events are very unsettling. There should be a high bar to oust a democratically elected Prime Minister in the middle of his or her mandate, especially during this international crisis.

I am proud to live in a democratic country where our politicians face frequent and rigorous judgment from voters at the ballot box.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns.