Military Support of Ukraine

For over a year now, the Ukrainian people have been valiantly fighting to defend their lands and loved ones. They have endured indiscriminate bombardment, war crimes, and overwhelming military aggression but they have stood firm, galvanised the international community, and fiercely resisted the Russian invasion. We must continue to provide Ukraine with the defensive weaponry they need to defend their country.

UK military assistance to Ukraine is longstanding. Since 2015, the UK has trained over 22,000 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces under Operation Orbital, and the UK was the first European country to supply lethal aid to Ukraine in response to Russian military activity on Ukraine’s borders in January 2022.

I am proud that HM Government continues to provide substantial military assistance to Ukraine, thus far totalling £2.3 billion - making the UK the second-largest donor in the world - and has committed to match or increase this funding to Ukraine for the next two years. Furthermore, the Government is using Britain's influential position on the world sta