Nurses Pay

How the NHS values and retains its staff is critical and I was encouraged when a deal was agreed in 2018 ensuring a 6.5 per cent pay rise for over one million NHS workers on Agenda for Change contracts over three years.

Ministers set aside £800 million to support the deal for 2018/19, and the Government’s long-term funding settlement for the NHS, which will provide increased funding of £33.9 billion per year by 2023/24, is funding the pay rise over the remaining two years. Those on the lowest salaries in the NHS are seeing of the largest proportionate pay rises: the lowest NHS starting salary has increased year on year from £15,404 to £18,005 in 2020/2021.

I know that the people who have work so hard in NHS and care settings are supported by a grateful nation and I would support measures which ensure they are appropriately rewarded in the next pay negotiation.

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