Thank you for contacting me about our peatlands.

West Worcestershire is not known for its peatlands, however, I strongly believe in protecting all the permutations of Britain’s rich ecological landscape – including our peatlands.

Peatlands are our biggest terrestrial carbon store and home to some of our rarest species. Healthy peatlands can help us adapt to the effects of climate change and restored upland peatland can reduce the risk of flooding. With only 13 per cent of them in a near-natural state, I am pleased that the Government has set out how it will restore, sustainably manage, and protect our peatlands through the newly published England Peat Action Plan.

I am glad that the Government is expanding the Nature for Climate Fund to ensure total spending of more than £750 million by 2024-25 to help meet the commitment to plant at least 7,500 hectares of trees every year in England by 2025 and restore 35,000 hectares of peatland across England, including in Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Thank you for contacting me.