Test and Trace

Thank you for contacting me about contact tracking and tracing measures for coronavirus.

I fully support steps being taken to reduce the spread of coronavirus through sensible social distancing and isolation measures where appropriate.

Mass testing and contact tracing are not, by themselves, solutions, but may allow some social restrictions to be relaxed faster by working to supress transition more precisely. The UK now has capacity to carry out over 340,000 tests per day.

I am pleased to report that in Worcestershire, more test facilities are being introduced this week to allow more people to take a Covid-19 test if they need one: https://www.harriettbaldwin.com/content/extra-covid-testing-sites-planne...

I am also regularly update by the local resilience forum on the local steps taken to identify and mitigate local outbreaks and you can read the council’s detailed response plan here:

I hope you are reassured by the comprehensive local and national action which is being carried out to prevent the spread of this virus.