Thank you for contacting me about the situation in Ukraine.

I am sure you join me in deploring the actions of the Russian Government invading a sovereign nation contrary to international law. I support our own Government’s efforts to apply economic pressure on the aggressor and I am heartened by the international solidarity being displayed at this time.

War will inevitably exact a heavy cost on the Ukranian people, and it is right that we stand firm in our support, as I did when I met Members of the Ukraine Parliament in the United Nations. I welcome the assistance that the Ministry of Defence has already delivered to Ukraine with the supply of defensive armaments but that also means we must extend the arm of friends to those fleeing the conflict.

As we have with those escaping conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, I am proud of the support our Government has offered and everyone locally who has been able to help refugees. The Government is developing a scheme which will help up to 100,000 Ukrainian people to come to this country as part of a bespoke humanitarian route. ensuring we remain at the forefront of the international response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

This is a terrible world event and I join you in your desires to do all we can to help the ordinary people who have had to face up to this tyrannical action at our doorstep. If you have a specific case or concern about someone affected, please let me have details so that I can take up their case.