Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits

Thank you for contacting me about the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits.

This extra support was announced by the Chancellor as a temporary measure in March 2020 to support those facing the most financial disruption as a result of the pandemic. The Government has also introduced measures such as mortgage holidays, additional support for renters and has worked with energy suppliers to protect those struggling with energy bills. In fact, Treasury figures show that those on the lowest incomes have seen a small increase in incomes this year.

These existing arrangements remain in place until the end of March and the Government will continue to assess how best to support low-income families and decisions on the future of the uplift will be made in the new year.

Worcestershire County Council has been allocated £1.5 million to help families most affected by the global pandemic, offering them extra support this winter with food and bills. A Covid Winter Grant Scheme comes on top of £63 million already provided to councils this year to assist those struggling to buy food and essentials. A further £220 million will be invested in extending the Holiday and Food Programme until next Christmas, meaning that all children eligible for Free School Meals will have the option to join a holiday-time programme that provides healthy food and fun activities during the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays next year.
If you or someone you know is having issues with accessing financial support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.