14 September 2021
Cotswold Line Doubling Project is On Track

A Transport Minister is planning a meeting with the Treasury to discuss funding for a project which will aim to re-double further stretches of track along the North Cotswold Line.

The confirmation was given to West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin who has been lobbying for the project to get official Government support and financial backing.

A business case to deliver rail improvements was submitted in 2019 identifying stretches of single track between Worcester and Oxford. The project has the support of Government Ministers and now needs funding to make the plan a reality.

Harriett has been lobbying for faster, more frequent and more reliable rail services between Worcestershire and London and the south east since she was first elected in 2010, and has backed plans to improve Pershore’s train station as well as restoring the disused platform at the station ahead of line doubling work.

Harriet said:

“I have worked closely with the bid team as it develops a plan to improve two sections of track between Worcester and Oxford including a section of single track between Pershore and Evesham.

“Trains will continue to offer a vital alternative to car travel and I have always felt that we can do much more to improve journey times for county commuters.

“Worcestershire Parkway was an important development and every time I drive past, I see more and more cars parked there using the station as we start to get back to our normal way of life.

“The doubling of the North Cotswold Line has a very strong economic case behind it and I was keen to make sure that Ministers keep the ball rolling as we develop our plans to build back better.”