21 September 2022
Government Announces Business Support for Energy Bills

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed measures which will help companies, schools and other organisations facing higher energy bills this winter.

The Government has announced a relief scheme for businesses, voluntary organisations and public sector bodies like hospitals and schools to provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices.

The scheme, which will be equivalent to the Energy Price Guarantee put in place to help households, will be confirmed to the House of Commons tomorrow (Thursday).

It will apply to fixed contracts agreed on or after April 2022, as well as to deemed, variable and flexible tariffs and contracts. It will apply to energy usage from October 2022 to March next year, running for an initial six-month period.

Harriett said:

“A desperate President Putin is using energy as a weapon against the West.  The rising cost of energy is causing serious concern for home-owners and business owners alike.  Government has stepped in to prevent this having the devastating impact on our economy that Putin wants.”

“Households will also be capped and a lot of extra support for lower income households has already been announced and people should have been receiving support if they are on benefits or are in a home with a council tax band A-D.

“More help is on its way, and if you need more detail on how your own business or household can be supported, please make sure you look at the Government’s internet sites or speak to Citizens Advice.”