26 April 2023
Harriett Asks PM to Support Malvern Hills College Rescue Bid

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has urged the Prime Minister to join her campaign to save Malvern Hills College and allow a community-led team to resume offering courses from September.

Harriett called on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to support efforts to head off legal action which is threatened by Warwickshire College Group after the closure of the historic further education site in an exchange in the House of Commons today.  

In response to Harriett, the Prime Minister said:

“I, of course, recognise the valuable work that all colleges do in meeting the local skills needs and very much welcome local community groups working together to address skills gaps in the way that her local area is doing. 

“My understanding is that my Right Honourable Friend, the Education Secretary is in discussion with the college, and I know that my Honourable Friend will continue making representation to her.” 

Warwickshire College Group have agreed to return to negotiations which could allow the bid team to take over the site in time for a new term in September. The Group has threatened legal action to try and challenge a covenant which protects the provision of education at the Albert Road North site. 

Harriett said:

“Over recent months, I have urged both parties to come back to the negotiating table to see if a sensible deal can be done and prevent this ending up in court. 

“It would be a huge waste of public funds for Warwickshire College Group to take Malvern Hills District Council to court to challenge the covenant protecting the site from property development. 

“I am pleased that the Prime Minister has added his support to the cohort of Ministers who want to see this bid succeed and I hope that we will have good news to share with him very soon.”