14 March 2007
Harriett Baldwin this week visited the Pump Rooms in Tenbury Wells to see for herself the plans to build a biomass power project at the Tenbury Industrial Estate.

She was given a tour of the plans by District and County Councillor Reg Farmer.

The plant will generate power and heat from wood chip to provide sustainable energy in support of the local economy.

After her visit, Harriett Baldwin said, "There are a lot of good things about this project - the creation of jobs in the local economy, the use of wood chips, local energy crops sourced from farmers within the area, the stabilization of the current weak network supply and voltage and the use of renewable fuels for a carbon-neutral supply of power to Tenbury.

However, I also have a lot of questions about the project. I am particularly worried about the 4 vehicles per day through the town. How large are these vehicles? Which direction will they come from? Could we see a picture of what the building would look like from the side to scale in the Industrial Park, to understand the size of the chimney stack and its visibility? How will the power be transmitted from the Industrial Park to the national grid? How can we be certain that the power station is not used for incineration purposes?

I will want to receive satisfactory answers to all these questions before giving this project my support."

Bill Wiggin MP for Leominster added "Harriett is asking all the right questions. There are advantages to this new non fossil fuel technology. We need to ensure that we get the details right so that local people can all support this. If the location is not right this will set back the environmental progress being made. Let us ensure that we get answers that match the high expectations of local residents. I applaud Reg Farmer and Harriett Baldwin for speaking up for their local community. Tenbury is a wonderful place and deserves their care and attention. Now it is up to the planners to play their part."


Photo: Harriett Baldwin and local Councillor, Reg Farmer, look at the plans to build a biomass power project at the Tenbury Industrial Estate.