19 December 2023
Harriett Calls for Locals to Back Return of Malvern Bus Service

West Worcestershire  MP Harriett Baldwin has called on local people to speak up as she calls for the return of a bus route for Malvern residents.

Harriett has supported a petition which is looking for Worcestershire County Council to reinstate the X43 bus service connecting north Malvern to Worcester. The council was recently awarded £3.4 million to improve local bus service provision.

The service ran between 2005 and 2018 but was gradually amended until it was finally withdrawn in March 2020.

Harriett said:

“People living in the North of Malvern feel that they are being let down by the local bus services.

“I’ve spoken to First Bus about increasing the frequency of the 44 service between Malvern and Worcester, but I’m now getting a clear message that residents would like to see the old X43 service brought back.

“I’ve also raised my concerns directly with Councillor Mike Rouse, who is responsible for delivering the bus service improvements and I will be sharing the petition with him to show what strength of feeling there is for this proposal.

“The county council has a substantial sum of money specifically intended for this purpose, so I am calling on local people to speak up and help us to make the case for this improvement.”

The petition can be found at https://chng.it/TwtDR2kwrn.