19 April 2022
Harriett Pledges to Smash Posh Glass Ceiling in House of Lords

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin will introduce a Bill which will aim to deliver full equality for the members of the House of Lords.

Although the first-born child of the Royal Family has been able to succeed to the crown regardless of sex since 2013, the rule of male succession of hereditary peerages still stands in the House of Lords.

This means that one-eighth of the seats in the Upper House are reserved for men and the West Worcestershire MP will bring in a Bill to the House of Commons on Wednesday to end this practice.

Harriett has a track record of challenging complex constitutional questions having brought a Private Members Bill to the House of Commons to ‘fix’ the West Lothian Question - which led to the introduction on separate votes for laws affecting the four individual nations.

The MP has regularly questioned Government Ministers on this inequality and will bring forward the Bill – which has cross-party support – to the House of Commons as part of the 10 Minute Rule Bill procedure.

And as City Minister in the Treasury, Harriett led an initiative to increase female representation in senior management in UK business – and especially the financial services sector.

Harriett commented: “The Crown has acted to end male primogeniture, and yet the House of Lords persists in following this practice, meaning that one-eighth of the seats are reserved unfairly for just male successors. In this day and age, this cannot be right.

“In this glorious second Elizabethan era and in a year celebrating Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, I am bringing forward this Bill to push through much needed change in the House of Lords.

“This Bill has cross-party support and I know that the Members of Parliament who support me in this endeavour, wish to see equality of opportunity for all. It is time to break this posh glass ceiling.”