9 June 2023
Harriett Urges Minister to Intervene As Malvern Hills College Sale Heads to Court

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has called for the Government to intervene in the legal proceedings which will see Malvern Hills District Council challenged in the High Court next week by Warwickshire College Group.

Warwickshire College Group is taking the local council to court to challenge a covenant protecting the Malvern Hills College site, on Albert Road North, from being sold off for housing development.

Talks between the council and WCG have stalled, and Harriett met with Secretary of State for Education Gillian Keegan to ask her to intervene to allow negotiations to continue.

Harriett said:

“Talks have been ongoing to try and find a deal and I met with Gillian Keegan to ask her to intervene and urge Warwickshire College Group not to take our Council to court so that a deal can be found.

“I still believe that it doesn't make sense for two public bodies to end up in court and I urged the Department for Education to now get more directly involved to help us get a compromise which will see teaching returned at Malvern Hills College.

“In my view the district council is acting in good faith to find a fair deal for both parties.

“At this final hour of the negotiations, I passionately hope that Warwickshire College Group will agree to halt legal proceedings and reach a fair settlement, which is in the best interests of everyone, and importantly saves the taxpayer picking up a large legal bill.”

“Malvern Hills District Council leader Tom Wells, who joined Harriett at the meeting, added: “I know how important the college is to the people of Malvern Hills and we will continue to do all we can to retain it”.