26 May 2022
Harriett Welcomes Cost of Living Support

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed measures which will see a range of extra targeted and temporary support measures to help local people facing a spike in electricity, oil and gas bills.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today confirmed that the Government will offer an additional £15 billion of financial support including a package which will benefit the lowest income households by £1,200 with some households receiving £1,650.

The measures will be underpinned by a temporary energy profit levy on oil and gas firms which are reporting excess profits owing to significantly rising energy prices.

Pensioners will receive £850 - £300 through the additional Winter Fuel Payment, £400 from the energy bills cash grant and £150 from the council tax rebate for bands A-D. Hard-working families will receive £550 made up of the £150 for bands A-D  currently hitting people’s bank accounts and a further £400 from the energy bills cash grant later in the year.

Harriett commented:

“My postbag is seeing an increasing number of people who are worried about rising prices now and in the future.

“This is an extremely worrying economic situation and I welcome the Chancellor’s measures to help some of the worst off in society as well as giving a helping hand to households across West Worcestershire.

“The Government has spent a great deal of public funds to support people – through furlough, through specific business support and now extra measures to help with rising costs

“I’m signposting constituents to a range of support measures now available to them, and it is helpful to see the timely measures set out today to offer reassurance for local people as they plan for extra costs in the winter time.”