22 November 2022
Harriett Welcomes More Police Cover for Tenbury

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed news that Tenbury will be getting extra police officers as part of a review of rural police cover for the town.

Two new police officers – one sergeant and one constable – are being dedicated to Tenbury and five staff have been realigned from Leominster’s policing area to South Worcestershire.

The changes are being carried out after Harriett wrote to West Mercia Police on behalf of constituents who expressed concerns about local police cover.

Harriett said: “I have heard local complaints about the level of police cover for Tenbury and shared my concerns with the Chief Constable.

“I am pleased that the local police team have also been looking at this issue and it is good to hear that the management team is acting to make sure there are more police on the streets.

“Across the board, West Mercia has been on a recruitment drive and I welcome the fact that more police will be available across what is a very rural area.

“It is right that people want confidence in their local police and this is an issue that I will continue to monitor over the coming months.”