13 December 2023
MP Backs NFU Farming Manifesto

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin joined MPs from all over the country to show her support for people involved in farming, horticulture and food production.


Harriett Baldwin MP with NFU President Minette Batters

The MP, who recently met with a delegation of local farmers who are members of the National Farming Union, attended a reception at the Houses of Parliament to see the launch of their farming manifesto.

Harriett was briefed by NFU President Minette Batters on the document which is the union’s blueprint for farming in the future.

Harriett commented:

“Farming and horticulture play a huge role in our local and national economy, and I regularly take time to meet with local growers to understand their priorities and to pass their views on to policy makers.

“Over recent weeks I have heard concerns from beef and dairy farmers, those involved in importing and exporting bulbs and the many growers who struggle to recruit staff to pick crops.

“Domestic food production could not be more important for our country and I welcome the National Farmers Union taking the time to come to Westminster to share their thoughts on the best way to support farmers in the future.”

A DEFRA spokesperson added:

“Listening to farmers is a crucial part of how we shape our future farming policy, and we remain committed to ensuring that British farmers become more productive, profitable and sustainable. 

“This includes reviews into the pork, egg, dairy and horticulture supply chains; providing £600 million in grants for equipment and innovation; allocating 45,000 seasonal workers this year and next to ensure growers have the workforce they need to put fresh produce on our tables; and rolling out our Sustainable Farming Incentive to ensure there is an attractive and workable on offer for all types of farms.”