29 December 2021
MP Backs Village Playground Fund-Raising Drive

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has offered her support to villagers from Leigh Sinton who are looking for funds to maintain a children’s play area.

Harriett Baldwin at Pineview Drive play area in Leigh Sinton with villagers Trevor Jones and Sian Webley

Harriett met with two local residents who have lobbied for additional funding to help with the upkeep of the facility which is used by parents and children from the village as well as pupils attending Leigh and Bransford Primary School.

Sian Webley and Trevor Jones, who both live on Pineview Drive, overlooking the play area, briefed Harriett on their attempts to secure long-term funding to keep the asset properly maintained.

Although the local parish council made a one-off payment, local residents are looking for support to cover the costs of managing the popular play area.

Harriett said:

“Villages like Leigh Sinton have had significant extra housing in recent years and that brings developer contributions to support the local area and assets like play areas and other amenities.

“While the initial costs are borne by the developer, projects like this do need ongoing support and I am grateful for the efforts of people like Sian and Trevor who are doing their bit to make their community spaces better.

“I’ve agreed to raise their concerns with Malvern Hills District Council and have suggested some funds that they may wish to bid into for extra support.

“If this play area is to be continued to be enjoyed by generations of children for years to come, this needs the community to work together to protect it too.

“I hope that the parish council will re-consider the level of support is it offering and together we’ll find a way to protect this and other community assets.”

Photo: At the play area in Leigh Sinton (l-r) villagers Trevor Jones and Sian Webley with Harriett Baldwin MP.