27 July 2022
MP Battles on to Save Malvern Hills College

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin battles on to save Malvern Hills College calling for an urgent meeting with the Department for Education.

Harriett has raised her concerns with all three MPs who have held the position of Secretary of State for Education and asked for a urgent meeting both in the House of Commons and by letter, last month.

Warwickshire College Group is seeking to sell off the historic education venue to the highest bidder causing the loss of a permanent further education provision for the town.

Skills Minister Andrea Jenkyns has written to Harriett confirming that the Department has urged the Group to “support a resolution that benefits all future learners”.

Harriett also shared her concerns that WCG is seeking to challenge a covenant put in place by Malvern Hills District Council to preserve teaching at Malvern Hills College.

The Leamington Spa-based college is threatening to take the matter to court – leading to two public sector bodies facing high legal bills at the taxpayer’s expense.

Harriett has offered her support to a consortium that is looking to buy the site and return further education and adult learning courses to the Albert Road North site.

Harriett said:

“I continue to be extremely frustrated at the approach taken by the management team at Warwickshire College Group and asked the Department for Education to intervene to help them to see sense.

“There is a perfectly fair bid on the table, and I have called on both parties to come to the negotiating table to find an equitable solution.

“It is senseless that WCG want to pursue this matter through the courts just to allow them to asset strip Malvern’s education legacy.

“I hope that the Department will intervene soon and use its powers to force the swift resolution of this issue.”