13 November 2023
MP Calls for Hurry-Up on A46 Speeding Action

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has called for urgent action to help to enforce a new speed limit a dangerous stretch of the A46 and protect drivers.

Over a year ago, National Highways confirmed that a temporary 40 mph limit would be put in place along the stretch of road at Hinton Cross where there have been a number of fatal accidents in recent years.

To support this, the agency also agreed to install a variable speed activated sign to deter speeding and Harriett called on the local police to carry out speed enforcement.

The new sign installation has so far taken a year to plan and latest updates from National Highways confirm that a design will not be ready until April, when the agency will then prepare costings for the project.

Harriett said:

“Any parish council can buy and install a speed warning sign and put it on a lamppost or similar structure in a matter of days so I am not sure why National Highways has taken 18 months just to prepare a plan for a warning sign on the A46.

“The 40 miles per hour speed limit is welcome but, having walked along the road, it is clear to me that the limit is not being universally adhered to, and needs enforcement and other mitigation measures.

“I’ve written to Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion asking him to ensure appropriate enforcement is carried out.

“If we all work together to make incremental improvements to this stretch of road, I hope it will get safer for local users.

“I’ve also written to the chief executive of National Highways expressing my dissatisfaction and I will continue to press the police to carry out enforcement as the long winter evenings make driving conditions harder.”