31 January 2024
MP Calls for Malvern Pharmacy Coverage Review

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has called for a review of Malvern’s pharmacy provision following the closure of Boots in Great Malvern and the threats of a second closure on the same street soon.

Peak Pharmacy has confirmed that is it planning to close its outlet on Church Street on February 29.

Harriett has discussed the closure with staff and also met with the local NHS team responsible for managing pharmacy provision across the Herefordshire and Worcestershire area and taken them to Church Street.

The MP has this week written to Simon Trickett, who oversees the two counties' health system to make sure that there is appropriate coverage for local people to be able to access a convenient, local chemist to collect prescriptions.

Today (Wednesday January 31), the Government launched Pharmacy First, an initiative which encourages more people to get health advice and support from pharmacists on seven common ailments to help take pressure of the local GP network.

Harriett said:

“The closure of the Boots was, perhaps, understandable but a second closure on the same street within six months will be extremely disappointing for local people who will have to use other Malvern pharmacies.

“I’m worried about the patients who will now have to identify a new pharmacy, and this will inevitably mean extra car journeys for some people, as the two nearest pharmacies are not an easy walk away.

“I am briefed that the formal review of pharmacy services is carried out on a very broad, county-wide perspective, and doesn’t take into account local considerations like the steepness of the hills in Malvern or the challenges accessing public transport.

“I understand that this is another issue that appears to fall at the front door of the Integrated Care System and I have written asking for a review of provision.

“Pharmacists can do so many useful things in the community  and take the pressure off GPs.

“In parallel, I have written to the Department for Health and Social Care asking about support to help recruit and retain more pharmacists, but I’d like a detailed local plan for making access to pharmacy better for local people.”