5 December 2023
MP Celebrates Malvern’s Literary Legacy

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin marked celebrations of the author CS Lewis by treading on the hallowed soil which inspired the land of Narnia.

The renowned author was said to have been inspired by Great Malvern Priory when he wrote his Narnia tales and the doorway at the church leading a lamp post was the first steps taken into the mythical land.

Malvern people have celebrated the 125th anniversary of CS Lewis with a series of events to mark his achievements.

Harriett said:

“The landscape around the Malvern Hills has inspired great artists and the lands in the lee of the hills is said to have been the land of both CS Lewis’s and JRRR Tolkein’s writing.

“The landscape also inspired Edward Elgar and I was delighted to visit the very edge of Narnia to mark the birthday of CS Lewis.

“With nearly £20 million being invested in the local theatre complex and the wider arts community, I hope that our Malvern Hills will also inspire future generations to create great works.”



Photo: Harriett Baldwin MP at the fabled wardrobe door and lamp post on the edge of Narnia, in reality the Great Malvern Priory.