18 August 2022
MP Gives Top Marks to Local Students

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has congratulated students who are receiving their A level examination results this week.

The MP has also called for the Government to increase support for the county’s new medical school to help more local people study medicine and stay on to work in our local health system.

Harriett commented:

“I want to say well done to this current cohort of A level students who have had to deal with the most challenging conditions, first at GCSE and now in their A levels.

“It is testament to them, their parents and teachers that we are seeing some great results coming through and a largely positive picture.

“For those people who haven’t got their expected grades, there are plenty of options available and I am sure they will find the right path to get an exciting career and a fulfilling future.

“There has been some local scrutiny on the part the new county medical school is going to play and I am keen to see the Department for Health and Social Care to do all it can to help more students study medicine locally.

“I’d like to see it teaching many more people and encouraging more young doctors to live and work in the area, which will help our local system with their recruitment challenges.

“This has been an issue that I will be pressing when Parliament returns in September in the hope that we can help our local medical school to thrive and grow.”