2 February 2022
MP Promotes Cost of Living Emergency Fund

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has urged local people to apply for emergency support which will help those most at need with their extra winter bills.

Harriett Baldwin MP visits Citizens Advice with Chair Chris Bocock and CEO Marie Henry

The MP was briefed on an emergency fund being managed by South Worcestershire Citizens Advice Bureau which is aimed at helping low-income families who are struggling with higher food and energy bills this year.

The £500 million Household Support Fund was launched last September to directly help those who need it most and the local CAB team has been tasked with making sure the money gets into the right hands.

“I’m urging people who need support to apply to the fund to see if they are eligible.”

Harriett Baldwin MP

The fund, which has over £50,000 still to be distributed, will expire at the end of March and Harriett agreed to help share the news that local people should come forward to get support if they need it.

Harriett said:

“This is a very important extra measure to help those people who are struggling with higher-than-expected energy and food bills and I’m urging people who need support to apply to the fund to see if they are eligible.

“I am aware of a number of local families and individuals who are struggling with their bills, and I am contacting them to apply to this fund.

“Having had a very useful catch up with the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau team, it is clear to me that we need to spread the word and make sure this money gets quickly into the right hands.

“The CAB does an amazing job supporting local people and I have a close working relationship with the local team as we try our best to help local people with practical assistance.

“I took the time to thank the volunteers too during my visit and encourage anyone who has some spare time, to think about joining the team and helping those who need help the most.”

South Worcestershire CAB chief executive Marie Henry added: “'People coming to us are finding it hard to manage with rising prices which are not matched by wage increases, pensions or benefit uplifts.

“Circumstances created by the pandemic have hit all of us in one way or another but for a significant number of our clients, it's pushed them over the edge and into relative poverty - and this is for working and non-working people. 

“This fund can make a real difference and we are working hard to get it to those who need it before the end of March when, unfortunately, any unspent funds will have to be handed back.”

Photo: CAB chair Chris Bocock, CEO Marie Henry and Harriett Baldwin MP