2 January 2023
MP Urges Locals to Speak up on Planning Policy Reform

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has urged local people to have their say as the Government reforms its national planning policy.

Communities Secretary Michael Gove has written to Harriett confirming plans to consult on national planning policy including removing mandatory housing targets and protecting prime agricultural land.

The Government is planning to introduce changes to the National Planning Policy Framework which will give local people a greater say on where new homes are built.

The policy will reduce the pressure on local councils to be able to show a five-year supply of house building projects which has recently resulted in them losing planning appeals on controversial housing developments across south Worcestershire.

Harriett said:

“Over recent weeks, I have shared my views with the Government on top-down housing targets. I am pleased that the Government has listened, and I welcome the decision to consult on changes to the planning policy framework.

“Having a five-year land supply is still crucial and I encourage our local councils to work hard on this to head off the unwanted and unpopular speculative planning applications.

“This planning reform consultation will allow people – residents, councillors and community groups – to have their say on the new policy and I urge them to come forward with their views.

“I plan to study the detail closely to make sure it protects our community from speculative planning developers and as I always do, I will share the strongly held views on planning with the relevant Ministers.”