29 June 2022
MP Urges Passengers to Come Back to Buses

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has called on the county residents to get back to using buses to help stem the decline of public transport provision.

Harriett Baldwin with Cllr Mike Rouse

Bus companies across Worcestershire have confirmed that their services are contracting owing to lower passenger numbers as people change behaviour after the pandemic.

And following a meeting with Harriett, Worcestershire County Councillor Mike Rouse confirmed that almost every service is now being run at a loss including every route in West Worcestershire.

Councillor Rouse who has taken over responsibility for bus service provision is carrying out a full review to look at innovative solutions to fix the money-losing bus services across Worcestershire.

Dozens of constituents have contacted their local MP about the reduction of bus services and Harriett has urged the county council to look at ways to underpin the network.

Harriett commented:

“The bus service operators are clearly struggling but I have been disappointed by the way some of the companies just want to cherry pick the high-performing routes.

“Many bus services, particularly in rural areas, offer a lifeline for people who aren’t able to travel for study, shopping or work under their own steam.

“Nevertheless, the numbers don’t lie and people still aren’t choosing to use the bus to get to and from work, college and the shops in sufficient numbers to make the routes profitable.

“But my message to passengers is, as is always has been. Use it, or lose it. The bus industry needs people to return to buses and I hope that the county council will be able to motivate people to choose buses rather than car journeys as they look to deliver on the county’s, and the planet’s, net zero ambitions.”