21 July 2022
MP Urges Regulator to Grow Electric Vehicle Charging Network

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has urged the power regulator to ensure that local drivers are able to access an extensive electric vehicle charging network.

And the MP has written to the chief executive of Ofgem – which regulates the power supply industry – calling on him to support plans to extend the network across the county.

Harriett met with the local network operator – Western Power Distribution – over a year ago to hear their concerns and she had a follow up meeting in Westminster this week to discuss progress.

WPD has been told that Ofgem is blocking plans to extend the EV charging network as it doesn’t believe there is local demand.

Harriett said:

“I held an event last year where there was clear support from the local business community for moving to electric vehicles but concern about how meagre the current charging network is.

“Western Power Distribution have told me that the issue is that there is not a resilient network to allow for more power to support vehicle charging and it needs Ofgem to back their investment plans.  It is very regrettable that the regulator is telling them to spend less of their own money on doing this

“The high temperatures of recent days bring into stark relief how important our net zero targets are and we, as a society, must do all we can to reduce our reliance on petrol and diesel cars.

“I’m a believer in the principle that if you build capability, it will generate demand. We’ve simply got to get more chargers out there running on a vastly improved national electricity grid and help more people to choose electric vehicles.

“I’ve written to the chief executive of Ofgem to ask him to look into this and to make sure the regulator supports the plans to invest in the grid.”