14 July 2022
MP Welcomes Extra Cost of Living Support

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed measures which will mean that thousands of the poorest local families will receive extra money this week to help with their energy bills.

Rising energy costs across the world after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are resulting in rising household energy bills and soaring prices at petrol stations.

The first payment of £326 made directly to households hitting bank accounts from this week, with 8,400 people getting support in West Worcestershire. The second payment will be made in the autumn with local people receiving a further £324.

This is on top of the £150 paid this Spring to those in households pay Council Tax in bands A-D and all domestic energy customers in the UK will receive a £400 grant off their electricity bills.

Across the UK, eight million households will get this means-tested support, meaning that, combined with other support, low income households will get at least £1,200 from the Government by Christmas.

On top of that, nearly one in ten people will get the £150 disability payment this Autumn and pensioner households will get an extra £300 from the Winter Fuel Payments fund in November and December.

Harriett commented:

“Everyone has seen how rising prices are starting to affect their family budgets and my post bag is already full of people who need to be signposted towards specific support measures.

“This new payment to lower income households is incredibly important to help prevent fuel poverty.

“This is a responsible measure to help families and I am proud that this Government is acting swiftly to help the people with their fast-rising household bills.”