30 April 2024
MP Welcomes Pershore’s Temporary Banking Solution

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed the introduction of a temporary banking hub which allows customers to carry out cash and banking transactions in Pershore’s library.

As well as a Post Office counter, representatives from high street banks are onsite during the week to help people carry out their banking in Pershore town centre.

Dame Harriett has worked with Cash Access – the body setting up banking hubs all over the country – to identify a temporary site for the hub while a permanent operation is set up.

Customers of Lloyds, Barclays, Nat West, Santander and HSBC are able to talk to a bank representative on a set day, maintaining high street banking services after Lloyds- the final bank in town - leaves its permanent location next month.

The MP continues to work with local stakeholders to identify a site for the permanent solution while the temporary solution is hosted at the library.

Dame Harriett said:

“I visited the temporary banking hub and I was impressed at the quality of the offering. I’m grateful that the town council agreed to host this service and I am eager to spread the word that the site is now open for business.

“The closure of Lloyds will be a blow but there is already a replacement service operating and I am looking forward to hearing feedback from local people about how it is working.

“Of course, the permanent solution cannot come quickly enough but I hope people will get into the habit of using this hub when they need to do face-to-face banking and make sure that the case will be made to continue this service.”



Photo: Cash Access’s Melissa Whittaker, Jon Bumphrey, Dame Harriett Baldwin MP, Sharon Stock and Matt Lake.