10 April 2024
MP Welcomes £2.3 Million County Pothole Funding Increase

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed extra cash which will help local authorities to keep on top of potholes through the year.

Worcestershire County Council is getting an additional £2.3 million to help with the cost of repairing potholes on top of £18 million to help with highways maintenance.

The extra cash is awarded after a long, wet Winter which has caused extra damage to the county roads. The council runs a ‘report a pothole’ scheme which allows road users and pedestrians to spot and report online any roads which are in need of repair.

Potholes can be reported by visiting www.worcestershire.gov.uk/council-services/travel-and-highways/report-road-or-path-issue/report-pothole

Across the United Kingdom, £8.3 billion has been allocated to help with road resurfacing projects demonstrating the commitment to improving local transport across the country, made possible by reallocated HS2 funding.

Dame Harriett said:

“One of the things that local people in the west of the county tell me is that they are aware that Worcestershire roads are often much better than those in neighbouring Herefordshire and I welcome the efforts our county Highways team takes to spot and report road damage swiftly.

“I find the online reporting tool very helpful and I hope that the extra cash allows Worcestershire roads to be well maintained over the summer months and into next Winter.

“I'd urge any Worcestershire resident with a pothole problem to report it to the County Council so that it can be fixed."