4 November 2023
MP Welcomes Robust Debate in Local Question Time

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has thanked constituents who braved the winter night to attend a Question Time event at Guarlford Village Hall last Friday night (November 3).

The capacity audience questioned Harriett on a range of subjects from the local NHS, flood defences, Net Zero and support for children with special educational needs.

Harriett said:

“I was pleased to see so many people turned out on a dark November night to come and share their views with their local MP.

“I try to be as accessible as possible with surgeries, visits and canvassing and encourage people to write in if they need help or advice, but I was also keen to host an open forum for any constituent to come and meet me in person.

“We covered a wide range of topics and it was good to be able to debate and at times, disagree, agreeably.

“I’ve taken some really useful feedback on a number of important subjects, and I’ve got some specific feedback which I will be sharing with the Environment Agency about its flood response.

“This week sees the King’s Speech and a new Parliamentary term and I am looking forward to continuing my work being a strong voice for West Worcestershire.”