2 March 2022
Warwickshire College Group Slams Door Shut on Mediation

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has expressed her disappointment that talks to try and re-open Malvern Hills College under new ownership have stalled.

The chairman of Warwickshire College Group wrote a terse letter to Harriett rejecting the further offer of mediation and rejecting an offer to come back to the table.

Peter Manford states:

“We disagree with most if not all the views you have expressed but think that there is nothing to be gained for either of us in debating these. We have reconsidered your offer of mediation for which we are grateful but do not consider that a process of that kind will progress matters in this situation.

“In closing this response, you state we should do this deal ‘to exit your obligations in Malvern’ and I would take this opportunity to remind you that WCG will continue to operate from two other sites in the Malvern District.”

Harriett commented:

“I was saddened by the tone of this letter. I’ve worked hard throughout this process to represent my constituents to try and find a mutual win for WCG and the community, and see teaching returned to the popular college. I can't think of any other public body that has ever treated me in this brusque way.

“The Warwickshire College Group management is letting an important local asset with an education covenant in place to fall into decay, but I’ll keep working with all parties to try to I prove access to lifetime skills education in Malvern.”