19 March 2020
MP shares anger at Openreach delays

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has expressed her anger with the chief executive of Openreach over the serious delays rolling out superfast broadband to rural communities.

The MP has received a series of complaints from small communities who are struggling to get access to fibre internet connections and leaving them left behind as we rely more on fast internet connections.

And Harriett also warned that the company will now use the coronavirus outbreak to further delay the outstanding projects intended to connect villages like Bushley.

The MP first wrote to Openreach chief executive a year ago raising local concerns. Following a meeting held with a number of local village groups, Openreach agreed to a number of pledges, including delivering superfast broadband to Bushley by the end of this month.

No work has been scheduled and Openreach has indicated that the work will now not be completed before the end of this year.

Areas including Menith Wood and Eldersfield have also reached out to the MP after the county council roll out programme stalled.

Harriett commented: “I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress delivering some of the very difficult projects being managed by Openreach and despite raising my concerns with the company’s chief executive, the latest deadline for Bushley is going to be missed.

“Broadband remains one of the most regular issues in my postbag and although Superfast Worcestershire has made great progress, there are still quite a few communities in a queue awaiting Openreach work.

“I’ve asked Openreach for answers about failing to connect Bushley, and I’m looking for the company to put the foot on the gas to connect communities which urgently need a fit-for-purpose internet connection.”