7 September 2020
Tenbury flood planning kicks off with stakeholder tour

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin was joined by Tenbury’s Mayor and local councillors for a walking tour of the areas proposed for the town’s proposed flood defences.

Tenbury Flood Defences Walking Tour

Environment Agency experts were on hand to discuss the latest plan, which was revised last year, before major flooding hit the town in late last year and again in February.

A full public consultation will start later this month, with town councillors, residents and business owners all being asked to contribute their views.

Harriett has worked with Government Ministers, the Environment Agency and local stakeholders for over 13 years to try and secure support for a permanent scheme.

Councillors and officers from Tenbury Town Council, Malvern Hills District Council and Worcestershire County Council all attended the tour to understand the challenges ahead.

Harriett commented: “It has been a huge effort to get to this stage and I have been pleased with the way the Government has stepped up to secure funding for this vital project.

“It is now essential that local people have their say and I am thankful that Tenbury’s elected representatives joined me in the town to look at the plans and see the challenges of delivering a workable scheme.

“This was the start of a long journey and I hope people will be encouraged to take part in the consultation, as soon as the details are confirmed.

“I’ve urged the Environment Agency to work closely with the town council as the finer details are discussed and I repeat my challenge that we’d like the work to be done by local contractors offering local people employment opportunities.

“This is a really important project for the future success of Tenbury as we deal with the ravages of coronavirus and attempt to kick start our economy.”