2 September 2019
Harriett welcomes £14 billion boost to ‘level up’ schools

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has today welcomed a huge boost in local school funding worth £14 billion over the next four years.

The funding package – which will aim to improve standards amongst pupils of all ages – will mean that each secondary school will get minimum funding of £5000 per pupil and each primary school will receive £4000 per pupil.

Extra money has also been allocated to pupils learning at schools and colleges with £400 million allocated to further education teaching next year.

Harriett has been a vigorous campaigner for further school funding increases to help local schools and colleges balance their budgets and give young people the best possible start in life. Only last week, the MP repeated her request for the Chancellor to inject extra cash into the Worcestershire school system.

Harriett said: “I meet regularly with local headteachers and I’ve spent a lot of time pressing for a better funding deal in Westminster. This announcement is huge news for them and I look forward to seeing the detail on this funding increase as it emerges next week.

“Our school teachers have done an amazing job with very tight budgets and I hope this further extra cash will allow them to achieve even better results in the years to come.

“I will continue to press for a fairer deal for our local schools and keep the pressure up to raise funding for 16-19 year olds. But all-in-all this is great news and I am delighted that our message has been heard – and the extra funding has been delivered.”