6 April 2020
MP urges re-think on Powick flood defences

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has urged the county council to review the current Powick roundabout improvements following the failure of the village’s flood defences when the Teme overtopped the bund in February.

The river reached a peak of 5.95 metres during the floods although the bund was built to withstand floods up to 5.7 metres. This height was dictated by the height of surrounding roads and the Powick roundabout.

Harriett has contacted Worcestershire County Council asking for a formal review of the road and roundabout height as it carries out improvement works at the junction to dual the Carrington Road bridge.

The Environment Agency has carried out an interim investigation into the flooding and will be making formal advice to the county council about what steps it needs to take to ensure Powick and the vital A449 road can stay protected during times of serious flooding.

Harriett commented: “I have discussed this matter at length with the Environment Agency and have passed on my questions from local people about why the main road and people’s homes and businesses were flooded earlier this year

“I am told that raising the height of the Powick bund alone would probably not help right now. These were unprecedented floods but, in my view, we need to make sure the best possible defences are in operation to protect homes, businesses and the vital A449.

“At each flood event, we must make sure we learn lessons so I have asked the county council to work with Environment Agency to look again at the configuration of the flood defences and the roads to find a workable solution while the roadworks are underway.”