29 May 2020
Harriett keeps pressure on Cotswold Line upgrade

Department for Transport experts are assessing a bid to add an extra section of dualling to the Cotswold Line between Worcester and Pershore.

The plan, which will see two sections of track re-dualled, will include a new platform at the busy Pershore station and new track near to Oxford.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has been working closely with Worcestershire County Council and the Department to secure funding for a formal assessment of the project. Once it is approved, the dualling plan will go into a schedule of proposed works for funding by the Government.

Rail Minister Chris Heaton Harris has written to Harriett confirming that Network Rail is currently carrying out an assessment of the bid prepared by the North Cotswold Line taskforce.

Harriett led a debate in Westminster supporting the bid and the Minister confirmed that his team would be considering the bid.

Harriett commented: “Coronavirus has had a terrible impact on our society and our economy but there are still some important pieces of work that can be carried out safely and efficiently by Departments which are less impacted by the pandemic.

“The Transport Secretary has told us that his Department has been busy fixing roads and rail lines during the crisis and I am pleased to see that his team is also still looking at some of the very important longer term projects.

“I plan to keep the pressure on the Department and plan to have a wider conversation about making the most of Pershore station, in due course.”