16 June 2020
MP supports Powick flood defence plan

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has offered her support to proposals which will improve the Powick roundabout, which was closed earlier this year during serious flooding.

Worcestershire County Council is looking at a two-phase project which will improve the flood protection at the roundabout and then raise the A449. The first phase could be carried out while the current improvement works are underway along the Southern Link Road.

Alongside this planning, the Environment Agency is working closely with the council as it looks at ways of improving the Powick flood defences including raising the bund. A report is expected later this year.

Harriett met with home-owners who had their properties flooded by the river Teme in February and has raised their concerns with the council and the Department for the Environment.

Harriett commented: “The flooding had a devastating impact on villagers in Powick and the closure of the roundabout resulted in serious traffic delays. Both issues are closely linked, and I am glad that the Environment Agency and the county council are working together to identify potential solutions.

“There is a major road improvement project already underway along the A4440 and it would make sense to identify if this work can be enlarged to improve the Powick roundabout. I am told that experts have already confirmed this is possible and the county council is looking at ways to fund this extra work.

“Keeping the Powick roundabout and main road open is essential during times of serious flooding and if this also means that we can deliver better flood defences, that would be a huge step forward.”