13 October 2020
Highways England unveils renewed A417 pinch-point plan

County Residents are urged to have their say on a new plan which will reduce congestion on the busy road between Cheltenham and Cirencester, including the controversial Air Balloon roundabout.

And the plan, which will now go through a second round of consultation, has the continued support of West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin, who has worked with the Government motoring agency and local MPs to continue to press for the improvements.

Many local drivers pass through the notorious Air Balloon roundabout between Cheltenham and Cirencester and have to cope with long rush hour delays travelling to and from the South East.

Highways England has been briefing local MPs on the progress of the project and last month Harriett was updated on the new proposals, which were modified following responses to the first consultation.

Harriett commented: “The Air Balloon roundabout is a notorious pinch point for motorists travelling from Worcestershire towards Cirencester, Swindon and the South East.

“I have spoke up for these improvements for many years and I have been dismayed at the time it is taking to get to this stage in the process.

“The consultation is taking place in a covid-safe way with online forums and questionnaires and I urge local drivers to take a look at the plans and show support if they wish.

“This will be a huge infrastructure project for the local area but the benefit will be great for Worcestershire drivers who should see significant reductions in peak time journeys.”

More details on the scheme, and the current consultation, can be found at https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/a417-missing-link/